Nov 8, 2021

Community MUSICAv0 CONUS Simulations

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Version: 1.0

The Community MUSICAv0 CONUS simulations have been produced using the Community Earth System Model Release Version 2.2.0 with comprehensive tropospheric and stratospheric TS1 chemistry, using the spectral element (SE) dynamical core, with regional refinement over the contiguous U.S., having a grid mesh with approximately 1-degree horizontal grid spacing over most of the globe that refines to 1/8 degree (~14 km) over the U.S. We also provide a model simulation without the regional refinement for comparison, link to follow.

The file names are as follows:
*.cam.h0*.nc files are monthly mean output fields on the 0.9x1.25 degrees regular horizontal grid;
*.cam.h1*.nc files are monthly mean output fields on the native grid;
*.cam.h2*.nc files are daily mean output fields on the native grid.

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Temporal Resolution
1.0 month
1.0 day
6.0 hour
Spatial Resolution
1.0 degreesLatitude
1.0 degreesLongitude
0.125 degreesLatitude
0.125 degreesLongitude
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Support Contact
Simone Tilmes
UCAR/NCAR - Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling Laboratory

Data Curator
DASH Repository Curator
UCAR/NCAR - DASH Repository

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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Latitude Range
90° N to 90.0° S
Longitude Range
180.0° W to 180° E
Tilmes, Simone
UCAR/NCAR - DASH Repository

Suggested Citation
Tilmes, Simone. (2021). Community MUSICAv0 CONUS Simulations. Version 1.0. UCAR/NCAR - DASH Repository. Accessed 28 Nov 2021.